LED Illumination

Light Wizard & High Power Ring Lights

The ring lights of the LWR (Light Wizard) series have been developed especially for use in microscopy and industrial image processing.
With this intelligent LED lighting system, every LED can be controlled individually.

Ring lights of the HP-DFLR (High Power Ring Light) series are produced specially according to your wishes and requirements.
Best suited to illuminate your individual situation. Nothing is left to chance.

The universal control unit, Ring Light Controller LWC 100 for all ring lights of the LWR series, enables fast and uncomplicated access to the versatile functions of the LED light sources.
Segment width and number, intensity and position of the light segments are set using the selector wheel and the three buttons. In other operating modes externally triggered flash mode and stroboscopic light can be activated.
The selected parameters and the operating mode are saved automatically when the LWC 100 is switched off and are available again the next time it is switched on.

A dark field adapter is also available as accessory.

Demonstration video of the Light Wizard

Features & Options LWR

  • Standard working distances 30-55mm and 55-110mm/li>
  • Simple assembly. Suitable for lens sizes up to 66 mm Ø
  • Two M6 threads as additional fastening option
  • Long service life
  • Homogeneous illumination
  • Stable aluminium casing
  • Interchangeable connection cable with industrial plug connection
  • Customer-specific LED colours:
    yellow (ye), red (rd), blue (bl), ultraviolet (uv) and infrared (ir)
  • Customer-specific working distances
  • Customer-specific fastenings
  • Customer-specific number of LEDs
  • Adapter ring with individual diameter

Features & Options HP-DFLR

  • Maximum intensity
  • Homogeneous illumination
  • Continuous operation at nominal output with water cooling
  • Standard working distances 0- 45 mm (dark field)
  • Long service life
  • Stable aluminium casing
  • Simple assembly
  • Customer-specific LED colours:
    red (rd), blue (bl) and others on request
  • Customer-specific fastenings
  • Customer-specific number of LEDs
  • Customer-specific ring diameter, dependent on working distance and lens size


For operation with control unit ELC-01

  • CAN-Bus-capable
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Monitoring of voltage and current
  • Customer-specific software

Data sheets

Light Wizard Dark field adapter HP-DFLR

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