Network Isolators

Products - Medical Lan Isolator

EMOSAFE Network Isolators are galvanic separation devices for Ethernet based networks.

They protect the network interfaces from extraneous voltage sources and overvoltage.

All EMOSAFE Network Isolators fulfil the requirements of IEC 60601-1, and are thusly suitable for use in medical applications.

Isolation Transformers and
Line Isolation Monitors

Products - Medical Isolation

With isolation transformers and earth leakage guards, medical equipment is provided with a safe power supply.

They help to protect patients and staff.

Ultra-Low-Profile Footswitch

 Foot Switch

Available in various standard models.

We gladly offer the possibility of designing bespoke models for your application.

Lighting Systems

Products - Microscopy Lighting

Light Wizard and High Power Ringlights

The lighting systems from EMO Systems offer a completely new dimension of lighting for microscopy and industrial image processing.

It has never been so easy to realize complex lighting situations with an LED ring light.

Maximum intensity with absolute homogeneous illumination.