Product Development

Development of innovative products

  • Medical technology
  • LED lighting systems
  • Galvanic isolation equipment
  • Metrology and test engineering

  • Optics and precision engineering
  • Casing technology
  • Custom machines

Electronics Development

  • Standard compliant development of medical electrical devices
  • Application of sensor systems such as e.g. 1D/2D triangulation sensors
  • Development of switching power supplies and power electronics for power-LED applications
  • Small series production of electronic modules
  • Simulation, circuitry design and layout development with Altium Designer
  • Design of metal core circuit boards specially for power-LED
  • Software development for microcontrollers

Image Processing

We solve sophisticated measuring tasks with the latest image processing equipment.

The acquisition of the image data normally takes place with high resolution industrial black-and-white and colour CCD cameras.

  • 3D-contour acquisition through structured lighting
  • Special lighting systems e.g. for the acquisition of metallic surfaces
  • Combination of mechanical axes and optical measuring systems
  • Dimensional measurement of large and small objects

We plan and realize your projects with CAD and CAE technology.

In order to offer you an increased level of comfort, we work with various file formats, such as e.g. STL, IGES, VDA, STEP, DXF and others.

We also convert 2D drawings to 3D data records.